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Panorama Drive
Rosemount, QLD, 4560

0419 737 563

Flowervore is a Sunshine Coast Floral Designer specialising in weddings, corporate events and unique workshops that blend yoga and floristry. Flowervore can take care of absolutely every element of your floral styling from the smallest buttonhole and corsage to the largest installation piece. We service the entire coast from Noosa to Brisbane and up to the hinterland towns of Maleny and Montville. 



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Yoga and Wreath Making WORKSHOP

Sunday 13 December, 9am-12.30pm

Start the morning with an inspiring yoga class focussing on relaxing and connecting with creativity. A chai and morning tea break, then flowing straight into creating your beautiful and symbolic Christmas wreath.


All yoga equipment, morning tea and wreath making materials provided.



Wreaths have long been a symbol of continuity, connection and renewal. Their circular shape represents the concept of unity, which is at the heart of Yoga. 

These days most of us know wreaths as a sign of welcome, hung on doors at Christmastime; and maybe also of their deeper spiritual significance as a symbol for the unending circle of life.

Their history of tradition stretches back for centuries. In pagan times, wreaths were synonymous with Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The evergreen foliage used in the wreaths symbolised the end of winter and the coming light and growth of spring. 

In the ancient Persian Empire, wreaths were worn as crowns signifying success and importance. Roman leaders also wore them for the same reason, and hung them in doorways as marks of victory. Ancient Greeks placed wreaths on the heads of winning athletes.

The significance of a wreath also comes from the particular plants it is made of. For example Pine signifies reaching for the stars and eternal life, Birch – new beginnings, Cedar – healing & protection and Eucalyptus – wealth & abundance.

Not only will this workshop be an opportunity to create something beautiful for your home, it will also be a chance to relax into the moving meditation of creating with your hands and connecting with nature. 

COST: $40 / $35

Yoga In Daily Life - Sunshine Coast
Suite 6 / 80 Sixth Avenue

Please note that due to the materials and space required, bookings are essential and places are limited.